Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blessed be the Lord God bed

St Matthew's-in-the-city are raising a new billboard for the Christmas period that brings into question the traditional story of Jesus' birth. You can read about it here.

As a non-religious person, it is quite refreshing to see something that I can actually respect a religious organisation for.
One of the biggest problems with organised religion is their failure to move with the times by clinging to archaic story-telling as though it were inarguable fact. This billboard shows a level of self-awareness that I feel the Church will need more of it is to survive through this age of free-flowing knowledge and understanding.

Besides, self-deprecating humour is so hot right now. Bravo Mr Cardy.

UPDATE 23/12/2009: The billboard has been defaced three times (once at knife-point!?) so the church has said it's not going to put it up again. Strike another one up for the crazy people, or is that strike another one AGAINST the crazy people? I just can't tell any more...

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