Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Greater Deception

Many people claim they talk to God. Many people also do not, in fact, talk to God. The ratio is probably close to 1. Now, many Catholics believe in God, it's kind of a pre-requisite I think. This goes double for Priests. One day these Priests might rise through the ranks to Bishop, then Archbishop, Cardinal then maybe even Pope. As they graduate they might think, "This is it, this is my chance to talk to The Man". They'll probably be disappointed early on but will be remain hopeful that they might get another promotion and that this'll be the chance.

Now imagine, if you will, a man. A clever man. High intelligence has led him to devote his life to the Church, as he believes that facts are necessary but Faith is also of some importance. He wants answers but is willing to just "Believe" until he finds them. Through this man's determination and intellect he has risen to the top. Numero Uno. The Pope. He's been waiting for his chance to talk to The Dude for his whole life, the proof that he needs, and he thinks, he KNOWS that this is IT. However, a couple of years pass and still He hasn't Called. Now this man is smart, he knows that if anyone gets to Talk to The Chief it should El Popo. At this point he gets to thinking. "I'm the head of the Catholic Church", he ponders, "if I haven't got a Call then maybe it's all just Mumbo Jumbo". So, after 85 years of devout Catholicism, and after making it all the way to CEO of the biggest company in the developed world, our man renounces his faith and moves to Bangladesh to try his hand at Islam.

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